Caterpillar Charm Necklace

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Our Caterpillar Charm Necklace features Alice and the Hooka Smoking Caterpillar from the original color illustrations circa 1890. Also included are two more Wonderland charms, a "Who are you?" bubble charm and a 60's flower charm. The Caterpillar charm is 1 inch wide by 1 and 1/4 inch high. The Who Are You? charm is 1/2 inch wide. All the necklaces come on a 30 inch chain.  Each piece is made of un bendable stainless steel and they are hand poured here in the California studio. They are hung in a cluster on a 36 inch stainless steel chain. Our 2mm stainless ball chain is 36” long; ready to cut, double or wrap. These necklaces are the most popular at the shoppe and are a perfect gift for your discriminating Alice fan.

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