Cheshire Cat clock , 3 SIZES $36.00 to $52.00

Cheshire Cat clock , 3 SIZES $36.00 to $52.00

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Our exclusive Cheshire Cat Clock runs backwards with Victorian numbers that are reversed! The motor is designed to go backwards making it run correctly in the mirror! Keeps perfect time. Watch the second hand go counterclockwise! Inspired by the original 1850's John Tenniel Illustrations our Cheshire Cat clock was conceived and is still made in our oceanside studio. The wood is cut, the art created, the prints as well as assembly is all done here.These clocks have been sold and made here for 20 years and are a favorite with the likes of Sally Fields, Grace Slick and Weird Al Yankovich. A dependable motor runs the gears backward,s also made in the U.S.A.! Laminated on birchwood. 10" diameter. Made in Carmel, California. Signed by the artist Daniel Herron. The clock comes wrapped and layered in Alice in Wonderland wrapping paper and protective foam for the delicate hands. We are a small group of artists and  have sold thousands of these to individual customers. We ship Worldwide!

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